DIG THE KID was birthed by a pair of originative artists, who use the phrase “opposites attract” to their advantage. Drummer Lisa “Dig” Mongelli models the tattooed bad girl image of rock n’ roll while Singer Cory “Kid” Todd’s reserved handsome good ol’ boy look sets the two apart from being anything alike. The commonality of their music and creativity allows the power duo to emulate pushing shuffle on a favorite’s playlist. Their recorded songs and live shows remind you what it’s like to play music without boundaries. Both being multi-instrumentalist allows them to write and perform from a different perspective, giving their music depth, receptivity and unconceivable showmanship.


Discovered by Jeff Greenberg, owner of the world renown Village Studios in LA,allowed Dig the Kid to catch their first big break at creating and recording their incredibly licensed catalog. Because of that opportunity, they were able to start licensing their songs to shows such as Shameless, ESPN, Open Road Films, Kingdom, Gabriel Iglesias, etc. Launching their career with a 5 song placement in Shameless lead them to more opportunities such as a 4 song campaign with the famous women’s clothing line bebe, the theme song to Point Break, and numerous placements throughout the film and T.V. Industry. With the Point Break single “Still Breathing”, they were able to reach millions of listeners, fans and connections worldwide to help license more substantial opportunities with major network T.V shows such as UFC (main title fight theme song), Jeep/Chrysler, Shazam, Go Pro’s Sonoma Raceway and the Expanse. It didn’t take them long to make a regular courtship with licensors abroad.


Dig the Kid has carried a promising and lucrative career but not in just song writing and licensing. Their over the top performance on stage has granted them special guest stars such as Robby Krieger from the Doors and Scott Page from Pink Floyd to grace their live show. Their collaboration concept has scored them a spot on the new City of Hope Soundtrack with Robby (end of summer release), among many other network blends. Finishing up their new EP at Horse Latitude with engineer and producer Michael Dumas and The Village Recorder will put them in a great position for late night T.V. shows, sizable tours and a campaign run at the Grammy’s. Shows and festivals supporting bands like Sheppard, P.O.D., Hoobastank, Rise Against, Offspring etc. has earned them the experience and maturity for consistent advancement, leading them to infinite possibilities.

"Keep moving/Keep pushing/Don’t stop/Your bones aren’t broken.”

Dig the Kid is living proof of that lyric